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Special permanent magnet synchronous motor oil in the oil fields after the application of energy-saving effect is obvious

With China's accession to WTO, the market is gradually opening up, the oil industry has developed rapidly. Currently the existing oilfield pumping about 80 million units and an annual increase of 10% pace, matching the total installed power drive motor 220 million kilowatts, the motor system energy as a national priority. Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. Power by Tuopu Lin developed and field-specific production of the PS system, permanent magnet synchronous motor G series, it has a good waveform, torque, high efficiency, no demagnetization, etc., are widely used in various fields, popular of users.
Its characteristics are as follows:
1, energy efficient: for permanent magnet motor rotor to synchronous speed, that is, without copper consumption nor iron loss. Since the stator current is reduced, the corresponding stator copper consumption was significantly reduced, the efficiency of> 96.2%, the saving rate> 16%.
2, high power factor: there is no excitation of the motor power by the rotor to provide energy, reactive power lower than 68%, power factor close to 1.
3, the starting torque: In order to overcome the electrical pumping dead. Starting torque of 3.5 times, pumping can be balanced in any position start.
4, wave good: Permanent magnet synchronous motor back EMF as a pure sine wave, due to pumping in the fall, the motor is being dragged, the phenomenon of a generation, then can be active and reactive energy back to the grid, due to wave good , do not pollute the power grid.
5, flattening the efficiency under different load curve is best: a cycle of load due to pumping rates vary greatly, the motor can be flattened under different load efficiency curve best to achieve maximum energy saving purposes.
6, frequency starting and running: In order to adapt to field conditions, the frequency of the motor is designed to direct start without starting equipment.

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