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CCZ servo motor type slub yarn device to use experience

Slub denim production of major products, it produces a fabric with a variety of colors, beautiful, natural, simple features. With the increasing consumption of clothing requirements, has a certain market space, I plant the production of yarn from the market has been very popular with customers welcome, and product demand.
I use the yarn factory has two production plants: one is the permanent electric technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi City of CCZ servo motor type slub yarn device, one is the other manufacturers of inverter motor bamboo plant. After nearly two years in two different yarn production equipment experience, I think, CCZ servo motor type slub yarn device with other devices can not match advantage. My experience now outlined for reference.

First, the process management

1. Product manual easy to understand, easy to operate.
A calculation without direct input in length, pitch, section thick, according to need any adjustment. Wide variety of spinning, highly difficult for a variety of species. At present, our factory is about 2.5 cm mass production of bamboo, and a variety of long bamboo with good results.
B new products, new processes on the machine, change the station to change teams, do not exchange drawing teeth, just change the transmission ratio, draw ratio, and other conventional technology gear. After drawing in the same area when the draw ratio directly, changes in twist teeth, teeth, etc. can be formed, fast and accurate parameter adjustment, a greater degree of improved production efficiency.
Section C-type can be adjusted, so the fabric style is more prominent, while the fabric in different styles at the same time ensuring that twist to the normal shift, to ensure the quality of yarn.
D drive parameters be adjusted according to actual situation, so that car breakage rate remained at good level, improve production efficiency.
2. Process adjustment
A little change when the adjustment process, the section length, the pitch does not affect, overcome by elastic belt, twist or fine-tune the size of changes, in length, pitch change issues, and making the process on the machine and product quality has been guarantee.
B production rate compared with other devices, can be increased by 20 percent. We try spinning a top speed of 240 rev / min, increase production efficiency.
C range of product development, future wide. Groups of regular and irregular for the development of spinning, spinning count range, 5 to 80 different specifications of the yarn, you can more readily meet customer needs.

Second, the quality management

1. Device stability, and pitch, in length, thick section produced no change in long-term, to prevent the occurrence of deformation due to the quality of bamboo accident.
2. Real-time detection and fault forecasting warning function, the input in the design unreasonable, to detect the speed and roller speed difference between the large equipment, equipment alarm signal, the quality of light. The whole machine breaks, time alarm, so that timely treatment to reduce the production of substandard products, to prevent quality accident.

Third, the production management

1. CCZ servo motor type slub yarn device, smooth operation, high speed, less breakage, process on the machine fast, high production efficiency.
2. Unique production computing, can accurately record the output of textile products for the query, especially for the present multi-species, small quantities of products of limited production.

Fourth, the production should pay attention

1. The installation must pay attention to quality, to ensure that shaft, wheel position accurately, so that the servo motor running smoothly.
2. Regular cleaning product spend, do pay attention to cleaning, and other debris do not fall into the front bead, resulting in device alarm.
3. Yarn according to the style of the fabric to design, with various process parameters should be reasonable, not the special requirements of each cycle the length of yarn is not an integer multiple of the same width, to avoid quality problems.