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Meet entrepreneurs


On the morning of 9rd Apr, Mr. FanCEO of ZODA Motors was invited to Boston International School to share his creative ideas in business. CEO Fan introduced how to run a business from product designing, manufacturing to marketing. Students were inspired to grow strong interests in this industry. This interesting and active class helped the students better understand and explore how a company runs and the abstract concept as how a business works and what makes a successful business.




On the morning of 23rd Apr, students from Boston International School visited ZODA Motors. The students were taken to a media room and learned more about motors from the senior engineer of ZODA Motors. They were surprised how the products are distributed across oceans to meet the customers. They learned that motors are in demand and have a lot of customers around the world because they can do a lot of things like -in cars, scooters, vacuum cleaners, making paper, mine minerals, pump water, and air conditioning etc.,.

The field trip was very inspirational to the students. One of them dreamed, “I am inspired to become a CEO of a company.” On the other hand, one boy said, “After visiting, I learned how complicated it is to run a business and I never want to be a CEO.