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Three-Phase Asynchronous Low-Voltage Motor
YZS Series Injection Plastics Electric Motor


Height:132-315 mm;

·YZS series Special used for injection plastics machine motors
·The YZS special used for moulding plastics machine motors,it has the feature of reliable operation,high efficiency,the low noise,small shake,well performance,etc.The main products are YZS132-315-4p,6P.Power range is 5.5~200kW.
·Import bearing is adopt to this series,spend high-accuracy dynamic equilibrium plane two balanced to rotor school;Through adopt most reasonable trough cooperate,rotor adopt best trough slope,etc.optimize measure reduce motor electromagnetic noise at the overload effectively.
The main technological characteristics of this motors are as follows:
·Compared with the nornal motor it has the feature of high start torque,strong overload capacity.(See technological data list),2times frequent start(2mintures per),2times overload can not make quick temperature rise or high noise.
·The noise is low.The noise that must examine under the specified load and specified load of twice totally accords with users to the low in noise type low in noise demand for the motor of moulding plastics machine.
·Vibration is small.Compared with ordinary motor it reduce 36%.
·High knock torque,short start time
·With high efficiency,energy-conservation is effectual.(see the technological data list)
·The appearance is beautiful.The appearance surface quality of the motor and paint can meet standard of domestic market and international market.