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Three-Phase Asynchronous Low-Voltage Motor
YSL Series Special Used for Irrigation and Bichemical Indutry



·YSL Series Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor(frame sizeH450-500)is newly-designed dedicated motor for irrigation works and biochemical industry on the basic of absoring feature of JSL series and Y series motor.
·The IP degree is IP23,insulation is f,it has the feature of high starting torque,low noise,and well structure.
·The mounting is V1,it is exactly the same as 12#,13# end shileds of JSL,end-shield with square base is used for mounting mode of V2 in order to facilitate the adjustment of distance between motor and fermentation equipment.Our company was certified ISO9001-2000,the whole operation including ordering,R&D,manufacturing,sales and service is in the line of ISO9001.
·The production is designed based on supply 50Hz(frequency variable on request),380V,(400V,500V,550V,on request).
·The connection is △.
·The ambient temperature is up to 40℃,and alttitude is up to 1000m,special ambient should be noticed when booking
·The duty is S1
·It has the advantage of high efficiency,low vibration,low noise and easy-maintain.
·It is special use for irrigation works and biochemical industry,it mainly uesd for pump and fermentation equipmen.