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Three-Phase Asynchronous Low-Voltage Motor
ZYS Series Special Used for Air-compressor



·ZYS Series motor is special designed for compressor,frame size from 132-400mm,the power from 5.5-500KW,insulation class F,and the service factor is 1.10,1.15,1.20,etc.
·Special bearing is used to ensure the bearing can operate for a long time,also we make longer leads considering the cable of the motor connect with the electric cabinet of the compressor directly,cable sheath is used for protection,and on both ends fixed with pipe cable glands.It has the featured high efficiency,engergy saving,reliable proformance,and it is suitable for continoud operation for the compressor.
·The performance and mounting dimensions meet the National standard GB755 and IEC standards.Our company was certified ISO9001-2000,the whole operation including ordering,R&D,manufacturing,sales and service is in the line of ISO9001.
·The production is designed based on supply 50Hz(frequency variable on request),380V,(400V,500V,550V,on request).
·The output up to 3KW is Y connect,from 4KW is △ connect.
·The ambient temperature is up to 40℃,and alttitude is up to 1000m,special ambient should be noticed when booking
·IP degree is IP54 or IP55
·Duty is S1
·high permeability and lower losses silicon steel sheet is used in this series motors,so it has the feature of high efficency and little losses
·The basic cooling method is IC411 or IC416,cool system is perfect.
·It has the advantage of high efficiency,low vibration,low noise and easy-maintain.