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Three-Phase Asynchronous Low-Voltage Motor
Y2 Series Low-Voltage Motor



Y2 series 3-phase asynchronous motor is low-voltage 3-phase asynchronous motor(central height H80~355,0.55kw-355kw)upgraded and designed for general use on the basis of Y series motor.They are developed by Zhongda by adopting internationally advanced technologies.They are not only the development of Y series but also competitive export or substitution of imported counterparts.
Y2 Series High Output Low-voltage Motor:H355-500mm,250-2000KW is an optimization series by using international popular design three-phase asynchronous motor and combined with our years’experience of designing and manufacturing steady motors.It reach the power which usually can only reached by High-voltage motor.The noise is low,shake small,the structure is firm,such characteristics as the appearance is beautiful,energy saving.
The performance and mounting dimensions meet the National standard IEC72,GB755,JB/T10444 and IECstandards.
Reach the internationally general protection level(IP55)and insulation class (F insulation and B temperature rise).Compared with Y series they feature in high efficiency,big starting torque,low noise,more reasonable structure,novel appearance and compliance with EU EFF2.
Properties and mounting dimensions conform to IEC60034,DIN42673,GB755 and applicable technical specifications.Our company has passed ISO9001 certification and followed its requirements from ordering,development,fabricateon,inspection to sales service strictly.

·This series are energyized by a 3-phase 380V 50Hz power(60Hz available upon the request).Alternatively run it   under 400V,500V,550V or other voltages if you have special requirements.
·The duty is S1.
·The series are made of highly magnetic yet low wearing Si-steel that guarantees a low wearing and high efficiency.
·Adopt the typical ventilation of IC411 that is matured in the cooling and heat dissipation.
·They can be widely used for driving various comm.on machines and equipments such as compressors,fans,water pumps and crushers.Furthermore they can function as prime motor in relatively severe conditions includeing petroleum,chemical,pharmaceutical and mining Industries.