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Three-Phase Asynchronous High-Voltage Motor
Compressor Used High-Voltage Motor
Height:315-560 mm;

1、Compressor used high-voltage motor is an optimization series by using popular design of three-phase asynchronous motor in or board,it follows the national standard and meet the characteristics of the compressor.
2、The basic mounting of this series is horizontal,single shaft extension,cover with flange,eaqual to IMB35
The IP dregree of this series are IP23 and IP54. The frame of the motor IP23 is steel plate welded structure,the cooling is mixed ventilation; The frame of the motor IP54 is iron cast structure with heat sinks and axial vents on the surface. Both ventilation to ensure good cooling of the motor,also meets the compressor's requirements of cooling.
The insulation of the stator is F,and the structure is external pressure-Fit,The coil is enswathed by mica tape,and also VPI is adopt to it, theses all increase the moisture resistance of the motor,and extend the life of the motor.
High-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet is used to the stator and rotor, the insulation of the silicon is so excellent and the lost is so little theses make the hight efficiency of the motor.
The bearing is imported rollor bearing.Pt100 is on request to adopt to the windings and bearings.The IP dergree of the terminal box is IP55.
3、Running Condition:The altitude is up to 1000m,and ambient temperature is up to 40℃The maximum relative humidity is 90% in the wettest month.The duty is S1 and frequency is 50HZ.
4、Type Description:

5、Information for ordering:
The data of the catalogue is changed without notice
Special Requipments such as 
·The non-standard power,voltage,frequency,mounting dinensions,altitude,ect
·Particular ambient temperature,and the environment containing corrosive gas
·Frequent start,Short-term fixed,Fixed period of work
·Heater requirment
If the requirement is needed,please notice us