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Customer List

Win-win idea pushing partenership.    

Zhongda is in the top 3 of matched motor industry for screw compressor and plastics injection moulding machine.We have established long-term strategic cooperation with many well-known compressor manufacturers such as Shanghai ingersall Compressor Co.,Ltd..We made contributions to motor application technologies and moder selection in compressor technical innovation process.In addition,we are making strategic cooperation with TECO Electric and Machinery Co,Ltd. and Shanghai Shangdian Electric and Machinery Co,Ltd.    


● Wuxi Compressor Co.,Ltd. 
● Shanghai ingersoll-Rand Compressor Co.,Ltd.
● Fu Sheng Industrial (Shanghai/Zhongshan)Co.,Ltd. 
● Shanghai Bolaite Compressor Co.,Ltd.
● Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co.,Ltd.
● Shanghai Gairs Compressor Co.,Ltd. and More than 70 domestic manufacturer supporting compressor 
2、More than 10 injection molding machine motor supporting enterprises. 
3、Taiwan Dongyuan (TECO) Electric Motors and The origin manufacture of Shanghai Electric Motors Co.,ltd.